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an introduction

Clever Publicity was initially established to provide its services for businesses operating within the UK's manufacturing industry.

However, having wasted no time in making new friends, the company now extends itself into additional industries; with clients right across the UK benefiting from a selection of cost effective marketing solutions.

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about us

We are a marketing communications company that concentrates on understanding the business objectives and commercial requirements of our clients. We seek to convert these goals into effective marketing solutions that are capable of creating the maximum impact for the budget available.

We devote ourselves to fully implementing our client's instructions and making sure that they are completely satisfied with our final results. We aim to make certain that our clients are successful in the pursuit of their business objectives.

our values

Proud of our willingness to engage in new and exciting challenges.

Committed to increasing your visibility and making you heard.

Ready to build awareness for your business through marketing and creativity.

Looking forward to working with you.

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understanding your business

Though we are a young company, we are adept in our ability to use research in order to learn about the marketplace in which our clients compete. More specifically, we determine current trends, competitor behaviour and future forecasts.

First and foremost, we start by understanding our client's products and services. We then consider your aims and your ambition so that we are able to get the most out of your marketing budget.