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A personalised e-newsletter campaign was developed for Applied Weighing International as a means of instantly presenting product news and company information in a clear and concise manner to their newsletter subscribers.

Unlike their printed counterparts, e-newsletters can be embedded with hyperlinks and provide users with a direct channel to the company's website. By carefully managing each campaign, we were able to spot how many people opened each newsletter, how long they spent reading it, which links they were clicking on and a whole lot more.

Both fast and affordable, an e-newsletter doesn't have to be just plain text. We pack them full of quality content in order to set you apart from your competitors and create the right impression through your marketing communications.

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It takes more than just listing the facts for copy to be effective. We recognise the importance of creating a connection with the reader through a careful understanding of what it is that they want to hear, whilst presenting our client's message within the body of the text.

By carefully sourcing images and liaising with editors of publications, we ensure that all written material is utilised.

Press releases

Our copywriting service has enabled our clients to deliver high quality copy to a targeted audience, through a range of industry publications and online resources. Here are a few examples: