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If you are unsure of exactly which of the services that we offer are the most appropriate for your business, we would welcome you to contact us and be given the opportunity of deciding upon which of our services are the most appropriate for your business.


Telemarketing presents the opportunity to ask questions to your potential customers that are designed to specifically assess their needs and immediately gauge their interest.

Our non-scripted approach to telemarketing is indicative of the central theme which we have adopted for the services that we provide, in so far as our flexibility to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients.

Database Cleansing

database cleansing

For any business that is serious about their marketing, database cleansing should be an integral procedure to ensure that money is not wasted on unnecessary marketing.

Incorrect data may be seen as evidence of internal carelessness and can reverse efforts to target a marketing campaign towards a precise audience. Our database cleansing service will enhance your existing data and enable you to analyse data more accurately.

press packs

Our press packs are presented in a professional manner, ensuring that your business and its products or services make a great first impression on prospective clients.

We understand that the most important element of an effective press pack is the information contained inside, but we also place emphasis on making sure that its appearance and the way it is presented compliment the quality of the information.


Whether it's through brochures or press releases, magazines or newsletters, we understand the importance of the quality of the message that you may wish to convey to your target audience and the way in which it is addressed.

Clever Publicity offer a professional copywriting service that enables our clients to both effectively engage with their target audience and communicate their desired message.

email marketing

Our personalised e-newsletters are an efficient and cost effective means of engaging with targeted audiences and developing new business opportunities, whilst retaining the brand identity of our clients.

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